Patient Information

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Having a procedure with us

You will need to be referred to us for your procedure.

  • This can be either:
    • being referred to a doctor at Coburg Endoscopy Centre for a comprehensive review of your symptoms and ongoing care
    • asking your doctor to refer you to Coburg Endoscopy Centre for a procedure as an open referral patient.

You cannot have a procedure done without a referral.


Making a booking

Call our rooms during business hours (8am-5pm) on (03) 9044 4200 to make a booking at Coburg Endoscopy Centre.

  • We will ask you for some details to enable us to ensure you get the best care possible.
  • To ensure we can provide you with the care you need, we may require you to see one of our anaesthetists prior to your procedure. This will be a separate appointment and it will be bulk billed.

Admission Forms

Please complete the front and back of this form. Bring it with you on the day of your procedure.

Click to download

Fees and Cancellations


Coburg Endoscopy Centre is located at 15 Munro St, Coburg VIC 3058.

Getting here

The centre is easily accessible by car or public transport.


Ample 3P parking is available in the public car park opposite the centre. The centre does not have any dedicated onsite parking for patient drop off or pick up.


Take the No 19 tram down Sydney Rd and disembark at Stop 32 at the corner of Munro St & Sydney Rd.


Take the Upfield Line and disembark at Coburg Station.Bus The Sydney Rd/Munro St bus stop is directly opposite the centre.

Confirmation of Procedure

  • We will confirm your arrival time via text message approximately 3 days prior to your procedure. If you do not have a mobile phone, we will ring you.
  • The text message will contain information about your arrival time and known out of pocket expenses to be paid on arrival.
  • We ask that you reply to our text message to confirm your appointment. Failure to confirm may result in cancellation of your appointment.


  • Having an anaesthetic effects your ability to react and function normally. You are required to have a responsible adult collect you, take you home and stay with you overnight following your anaesthetic.
  • You must not drive for the rest of the day following your procedure. Patients who drive for a living may need to check the requirements of their employer for time frames between anaesthetic and returning to work.
  • Public transport is not a suitable option for getting home following your anaesthetic.
  • You cannot supervise a learner driver following your anaesthetic for 24 hours.
  • If you take a taxi, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • If you do not have suitable discharge arrangements in place prior to your admission, your procedure may be cancelled. We will not give you an anaesthetic if we are not confident that you have made suitable arrangement for your care post discharge.

Diet and fluid


  • You will be given instructions for your diet leading up to your procedure.
  • Patient having a colonoscopy will need to change their diet for a number of days leading up to their procedure.
  • All patients must fast from general fluids from 6 hours prior to their procedure.
  • You may have water only up until 2 hours prior to your admission time.
  • Do not eat lollies or chew gum in the 6 hours prior to your admission time.

Post procedure

We will give you something light to eat and drink in recovery.
When you go home you may resume your normal diet, begin slowly with something light and increase to normal over the day.

Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

As a patient at our facility you have rights. We follow the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights as outlined below.

Your rights are

  • ACCESS – You have the right to access services to address your healthcare needs.
  • SAFETY – You have the right to receive safe and high quality heath services, provided with professional care, skill and competence.
  • RESPECT – The care provided shows respect to me and my culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
  • COMMUNICATION – I receive open, timely and appropriate communication about my health care in a way I can understand.
  • PARTICIPATION – I may join in making decisions and choices about my care and about health service planning.
  • PRIVACY – My personal privacy is maintained and proper handling of my personal health and other information is assured.
  • COMMENT – I can comment on or complain about my care and have my concerns dealt with properly and promptly.


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Information on how to prepare for your procedure can be found in the PDF’s below. 

Gastroscopy Preparation
Colonoscopy Preparation
Gastroscopy Colonoscopy Preparation
PH Monitor & Impedance
Liver SWE